Winter Lumber-Land


Join us on Saturday December 15th for Winter Lumber-Land. This event will be hosted at Sangamon Reclaimed and feature demonstrations, locally made furniture and home decor, local beverages, not to mention Santa and hot chocolate for the kids.

Our demonstrations this month will be “How to install a barn beam mantel.” Eric will walk you through the step-by-step process of hanging your own mantel and take you through our process of handcrafting these from century old reclaimed barn beams. Mantels will be available in the showroom at 20% off for this event.

If you’ve not had a chance to visit with Santa yet this season, he’ll be stopping by at 1315 Ottis Street between from 10:00 am to noon for photos at no charge.

We’re excited to celebrate the holidays with our customers, family, and friends so hope that you’ll have a chance to stop by and join us.

Sangamon Reclaimed handcrafted barn wood tables to feature at Illinois Environmental Council new offices near State Capitol in Springfield

We are excited to be working with the Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) to furnish its new downtown office building in Springfield, Illinois.

We look forward to seeing IEC executive director, Jen Walling, and her team transform the IEC’s new home at 520 E. Capitol Ave. into space that will become an environmental community center for Springfield.


Our tables will serve as collaboration tables and are handcrafted by our team using 2x12 antique heart pine floor joists salvaged from the Colfax Hardware Store circa 1893 (Colfax, IL). IEC will also display information about this structure to help us pass on the history of these pieces to future generations.

The IEC, a coalition of 80 organizations, was founded in 1975 and serves as the environmental community’s eyes, ears, and voice in Springfield.

Protecting Illinois schoolchildren from exposure to lead in drinking water, reducing health risks and environmental impacts of pesticides and funding open space acquisition are just some of the accomplishments of the IEC to date.  

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Movember at Sangamon Reclaimed

If you’ve stopped by the shop this month you might have noticed that we’re looking rather scruffy and maybe a little un-kept in the facial hair department, especially Lars, our lead woodworker, but he had an early start. I’m pleased to say it’s for a good cause.

Movember is an annual global campaign, which involves the growing of mustaches by men during the month of November. By growing these substandard mustaches and beards people are going to ask why. The why is to raise awareness for men's health; originally it was just to raise awareness for cancers specific to men i.e. testicular and prostate cancer. But it now includes men’s mental health and suicide prevention.

To me, this campaign means a lot because my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer at a young age and even though he's undergone surgery and radiation, he is still dealing with the effects of the treatments on his body. Being that prostate cancer is hereditary and also extremely more common in firefighters I will take this more seriously to be tested and checked than those not affected.

The other half of this topic for Movember is mental and physical health. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide each day, as do sixty males nationwide. Being a Veteran and a Firefighter, I have seen the negative side effects of both of these jobs and I have struggled with some of the calls I have responded to personally.

Talking with someone and finding constructive ways to deal with that stress goes a long way in improving your overall physical and mental health.

Lastly exercising can release natural endorphins and reduce stress. healthy and better versions of ourselves is important for our self-care but also for our loved ones.. So I'm committing to not only grow out this filthy stash but by partaking in the 60-mile challenge and I will be running sixty miles in the month of November to raise awareness for men's health and for Movember.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention, and crisis for you and your loved ones. The website is and the number is 1-8000-273-8255.

Illinois Made Holiday Gift Guide

We are honored to be included in this year’s Illinois Made Holiday Gift Guide, which includes craft beer and spirits, artisan chocolate, locally roasted coffee, handmade art, and our American flags, which supports our Flags for Heroes initiative.

Our friends at Danenberger Family Vineyard are also among the 15 of which provide gift ideas for all interests. Our top five have to be:

FEW Spirits in Evanston, which produces award-winning gin and whiskey made with the highest quality corn, wheat and rye.  

Mississippi Mud Pottery in Alton, which offers an array of decorative and functional pottery options. Each piece of Mississippi Mud Pottery is handcrafted from natural clay.

Danenberger Family Vineyard right here in Springfield, where you can pick from a variety of dry handmade red to dessert wine.

Whiskey City Design in Peoria, which specializes in salvaging and preserving materials found from structures throughout Illinois and turning them into handcrafted pieces.

Dinger Bats in Ridgway, which makes baseball bats used by players on Major League Baseball teams including the St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets and, the Chicago Cubs.

And a bonus one:

Sangamon Reclaimed, of course! We offer stunning handcrafted furniture and flags, which are built using wood reclaimed from 100-year-old barns and buildings in midwest America. Our skilled carpenters include firefighters and veterans.

Sangamon Reclaimed handcrafts reception desk for Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau tourist welcome center located at Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices

It is our mission to preserve history for future generations by creating beautifully handcrafted heirloom quality furniture, so it was an honor to design and build a piece for the new Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau tourist welcome center housed at the Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices using reclaimed oak from the Herndon family barn. 

The stair treads of the Herndon barn, constructed in 1873, are a key feature in the design of the reception desk. The barn was built by Archer Herndon, whose brother William Herndon was Abraham Lincoln’s law partner. The remainder of the desk was constructed from Rock Creek barn, which was built in 1865 near New Salem. The oak that was harvested for the construction of the Rock Creek barn is native to the Sangamon River Valley. 

We were provided the freedom to create a reception desk of our own design our only criteria was that it fit the space on the first floor of the building, which sits on the southeast corner of the Old Capitol Plaza in downtown Springfield, Illinois. The building that houses the Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices is known by its affiliation with a dry goods store owned by Seth M. Tinsley who rented the rooms on the third floor to Abraham Lincoln and William Herndon from 1843 to 1852. Brian, Lars, Jake, Zack, TJ, and Eric all worked on it in different stages in the design and construction of the reception desk, which is not only one the heaviest pieces we have ever created at Sangamon Reclaimed but also took more than 150 man hours to complete. 

We are so proud to be a part of this project. We hope that visitors to Springfield and residents alike will not only enjoy the craftsmanship behind this piece of furniture but also appreciate the significant historic value it holds. 


Why Reclaimed Wood?

Incorporating reclaimed wood in your home decreases the demand for newly harvested virgin wood from forests. Felling virgin forests involves transportation and processing of the trees, which has a massive impact on the environment.

All of the reclaimed wood that we use to create pieces of residential and commercial furniture Sangamon Reclaimed has dismantled and/or sourced reclaimed wood from barns, churches, and homes built in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Each of these structures carries with it a piece of our nation's history. With the help of a local historian we are able to pass on the history of these structures to each of our clients. Each piece we build is not only a unique piece f furniture, but also a conversation piece that can be passed on for future generations.

Why fake the character and charm of reclaimed wood when you can have an
original piece? Whether it’s a dining room table, barn doors, or a mantle you’ll
never get the same effect or finish with a new piece of wood that you get with
one that has been reclaimed from an old barn or church.

You can’t buy old growth wood unless it has been painstakingly reclaimed and
treated with the care and respect it deserves. Because of the diversity of old
growth forests, these are now protected, so you can’t drop in at your hardware
store and grab a piece of old growth for your home project. You can if you visit us
at Sangamon Reclaimed.

Because the reclaimed wood that we use is old growth lumber it is extremely
durable. Most, if not all, of the reclaimed wood we use, has been salvaged from
barns and churches constructed more than 100 years ago… and most of the time
they are still standing pretty strong.

Each piece of furniture is 100% original it is not mass-produced. With reclaimed
wood, you will not find any two pieces the same. If you want a piece for your
home or business that is different from everything else you should choose
reclaimed wood.

The unique beauty, character, durability, and history of reclaimed wood means
it’s extremely sought after for use as beams, decking, planking, siding, mantels,
furniture, feature walls and barn doors.

Client Testimonial: Sheedy Shores Winery

Sheedy Shores Tables.jpg

At Sangamon Reclaimed we love to work with local businesses and we were very excited when Gloria and Mike Sheedy approached us about building tables for their new winery and outdoor seating area at Sheedy Shores Winery in Loami, Illinois.

“When my husband, Mike and I first heard of Sangamon Reclaimed, it was
through my father-in-law because they rented space from him. He insisted we check out their work and once we did we knew we had to commission them to make our tables for our winery. Our vision for our place was rustic elegance so the reclaimed barn wood was a perfect choice.

Brian and his staff worked with us to find the perfect combination of pieces, low and high top tables. We have been thrilled with the tables and so have our customers. We have received so many compliments on our tables and how well they go with the theme of our business. We are so glad we went with Sangamon Reclaimed.”

Sheedy Shores Winery hosts music acts throughout the summer with plenty of
great wine and beer on offer and beautiful views across the lake.