Good as Gold Volunteer Award Winners

Sangamon Reclaimed has received, for the second consecutive year, a mention on Business Honor Roll for the Good as Gold Springfield Volunteer Awards for our Flags for Heroes initiative and additional work in the community. The ceremony takes at the University of Illinois Springfield on April 24th – we’re looking forward to celebrating! It goes without saying, Sangamon Reclaimed would not be where it is today were it not for the support of our customers, family, and friends – so thank you, all. 


Sangamon Reclaimed is now the local supplier of Leatherneck Hardware

402 Straight Antique Bronze w  Slide Stop 2.jpg

We are very excited to announce that we are now local supplier for Leatherneck Hardware. If you’re looking to add a custom-built reclaimed barn wood door to your home or business, you won’t find anything better than Leatherneck Hardware because we only use the best.

Hanger styles are available in steel or quiet steel. The steel wheels are precisely machined and feature sealed ball bearings that are lifetime lubricated. Finishes include black, brushed nickel, antique bronze, and clear coat to name a few. Ask us for more information. 


The Springfield Area Home Builders Association (SAHBA) Home Expo Best in Show Award

You may have already heard, but we were super excited to receive the Best in Show Award for the 2019 Home Expo. This award is selected by attendees, which makes it all the more special. So, we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that attended and voted for us! 

Springfield Home Builders Association Sangamon Reclaimed Springfield Illinois 2019 People's Choice Award.jpg

Designer profile Jamie Llosa is a designer, Don Smith Paint Company

Jamie Llosa, designer Don Smith Paint Company

Jamie Llosa, designer Don Smith Paint Company

Jamie Llosa is a designer, as well as the front manager, for Don Smith Paint Company in Springfield, Illinois. She is also currently enrolled in the New York Institute of Art for her accreditation as an interior designer. 

In terms of current design trends, Jamie says she’s seeing a few elements from the past making a comeback. “Wallpaper is hot right now as are gold fixtures.’ 

She loves to recycle wood in her designs as it adds warmth and character, as well as preserving her passion for history. “I love originality! The beauty and character of reclaimed wood bring this element into any space, commercial or residential.’

Pictured is a home built by Brooklynn Homes, for which Jamie is a designer. The beam is a Sangamon Reclaimed piece rescued from an old, unique, Illinois barn. “I believe it really showcases the charm of the beautifully aged history.” 

When it comes to her favorite public building in Springfield, Jamie says it has to be Illinois State Capitol. “I have been very fortunate to be a part of the design team there. I love learning about the history of the building’s decor from the past to the present. The Capitol is my magical place!” 

Jamie loves to shop locally. “On each project, I try to speak to each client’s interests, travels, and lifestyle. I pride myself on incorporating the quality and love for local artists and craftspeople, such as Sangamon Reclaimed in all my designs.”  

Being from a large Italian family, Jamie enjoys cooking and perfecting the perfect pasta dish. Here she is pictured in Florence, Italy last year when she was able to meet some of my relatives for the very first time. 

Don Smith Paint Company Sangamon Reclaimed Beams.jpg

New Construction home by Brooklynn Homes -Reclaimed wood by Sangamon Reclaimed. Designed by Jamie Llosa, Don Smith Paint Company


VanSandt Custom Bar

We designed and built this beautiful custom bar using reclaimed wood for the VanSandt family from the Colfax Hardware Store. 

The customer wanted to use the tabletop for the shelves and for the second counter top. The cabinets will hold the family’s liquor. Below the counter top there is also plenty of room for a mini fridge and a trash can. We loved working on this project, which also incorporated corrugated iron. 

Eric was the lead carpenter on this project and did a great job. 


Designer Spotlight -Mallory O’Brien, Project Manager at Resource One

What’s the most enjoyable aspect of your profession/industry?

I love helping people and solving problems. I think that design is this perfect marriage of aesthetics and math and you have to love both in order to design well.


In your opinion what are the trends going to be in 2019 - or what trends are you already seeing? 

In commercial design, we’re seeing a lot of “resi-mmercial” design, meaning residential making its way into commercial spaces. We’re seeing a lot of influence from what makes a home comforting and translating that into commercial spaces, whether it’s a lobby, an office, or break room. The new office is looking to hire and retain talent and those looking for jobs, in Springfield, Chicago, or anywhere, want to make sure that a place where they spend most of their time, will be a comfortable environment.


Where do you like to use reclaimed wood in a home or commercial space? And why? 

I’ve used Sangamon Reclaimed in a variety of spaces, most recently my mother-in-law’s bathroom for just some simple shelving. I’ve also collaborated with them on a 12’L table for a break room. I think whether it’s a small space or a large one, having something unique and custom really makes a space interesting and they’ve always helped me achieve that.


You worked with SR to deliver a table for Dot Foods - why was buying locally so important in this case? 

This is a great story! One of my favorite clients, Dot Foods, wanted a custom table for their break room, but not just any table. So I reached out to Sangamon Reclaimed and they found some reclaimed wood from a schoolhouse in Brown County. Dot Foods is in Mt. Sterling, IL, and most of their employees are from that area. Having something locally made and sourced for their employees was just a lovely way to bring in their community into the space.


Favorite public building in Springfield?

I’d have to say the Dana Thomas House, and not just in Springfield, but probably of all of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. He was a visionary and I love that building and what it means to have one of Wright’s greatest works just down the street!


What impact do you think Sangamon Reclaimed has made on the furniture business in Springfield - and has it been an asset to the industry locally? 

I’ve known Brian since high school and to see the impact he’s made on this community is just beautiful. I love how he’s decided to make his passion project work for our community and to see how they’ve grown in such a short amount of time. They’ve really invested in people and creativity there and I think it shows how innovative they are.


What’s the most important question a person should ask before purchasing a piece of furniture? 

“What’s the investment I’m putting into this?” With the Amazon and Staples era of furniture ordering, we see some of our clients making fast, cheap choices on furniture for speed of delivery. Unfortunately, that means you’ll see that piece not only deteriorate quickly, but that it could be made with harmful chemicals that can have a lasting effect. Furniture can take time and money, but by doing more research, I think clients can educate themselves on what they’re getting, not just how quickly they’re getting it.


Favorite project in 2018? 

Now that I’m a project manager, I help manage projects from beginning to end. That includes Dot Foods, where we are renovating their existing building. It’s one of my favorite projects because of how they treat their employees and in one large aspect, that’s the space where they spend their time.

Mallory O’Brien, Project Manager at Resource One

Phone 217-753-5742


The Gallery of Springfield

"Brian at Sangamon Reclaimed was so easy to work with! He understood our needs for creating the perfect new reception desk & easels/stations. The craftsmanship is amazing!!” 

-Vicki Korte, co-owner, The Gallery of Springfield 

Sangamon Reclaimed The Gallery Hair Salon Springfield IL.jpg
Sangamon Reclaimed The Gallery Hari Salon Springfield IL Mirrors.jpg
Sangamon Reclaimed The Gallery Hair Salon Springfield IL Mirros 2.jpg

Interior Designer Spotlight Kristy Cameron

Kristy Cameron Interior Decorator/Owner of Kristy Cameron Design, LLC.

Sangamon Reclaimed Springfield IL Kristy Cameron Design, LLC.jpg


Design trends for 2019/2020? 

While there are many new design concepts to consider in 2019 and heading into 2020, I wanted to highlight my favorite, which is focused on "less is more" and bringing nature's beautiful backdrop into our homes. With today's baby boomers no longer needing a large number of bedrooms, coupled with a renewed emphasis on earth preservation, home design trends are lending themselves toward smaller more divine spaces highlighted with warmer tones. 


What is the most enjoyable aspect of your profession?

As much as I love decorating, I love people. Interior decorating is a very personal business so I am always honored when someone invites me in to tour his or her home. My job as an Interior Decorator is to help their home be that soft place to land, that place where they can truly let their guard down ... their happy place and I am grateful to help bring that to life for my clients.


Where do you like to use reclaimed barn wood in a home? 

Upon moving from Chicago a couple of years ago, I quickly found myself immersed in a large new build, supported by Springfield's finest contractors, Sangamon Reclaimed being one of them. I have since had the pleasure of working with Sangamon Reclaimed on quite a few homes here in the greater Springfield area. We are often found collaborating on jobs large and small, with some of my favorites being a custom 20' wrap around mantle, a custom chevron feature wall and of course the amazing barn doors for which they are known. I must say however that the front-runner for me was a wow factor 16' bar featuring a reclaimed front with wrapped columns mixed with an exotic black knight granite - simply divine. Considering the many advantages of reclaimed wood: beauty, history, stability and durability, it's obvious the advantages that it has over new wood. Character and I are big friends so I'm often mixing old and new in design presentations for my clients as it brings a beautiful juxtaposition to the project. There's nothing quite like two opposing elements working together in perfect harmony. Lastly, I am very excited to propose Sangamon Reclaimed’s new wallboard options in some upcoming client presentations. I have admittedly been working with similar products for years, but now having a local trusted resource that values the history and story of the wood is a dream come true. 


What was your favorite project of 2018?

2018 was an exciting year for me with regard to design in Springfield. I find that every project brings its own uniqueness and flair, so while it's somewhat difficult to name a favorite for 2018, I must say that my very first project here being completed, after having spanned almost two years, takes the cake. We spent the first half of the year on the details and furnishing the many outdoor living spaces. Working with this special family was an incredible journey, to say the least. Not only did I end up feeling like family, but also the sheer scale of this project afforded me the opportunity to continue to learn and grow in my field throughout the length of the project. 


What is your favorite public building in Springfield? 

Living in a historic century-old home myself, I immediately fell in love with one of the oldest homes in Springfield, Edwards Place. What great significance it brings to Springfield, as the Lincoln's were frequent guests there. Not only do I appreciate the extensive restoration done to highlight its original integrity, but their attention to detail including the displayed artifacts and period style dressed volunteers truly takes a visitor back in time. Make sure not to miss the annual Fine Art Fair in the fall.

Free Press Coffee House, MacArthur Blvd. live edge table

A year on, our live edge bar height table at Free Press Coffee House on MacArthur Blvd. in Springfield is looking as good as the day it was delivered. 

The owner, Jane Ann Petty, discovered us after we worked with her sister-in-law Sarah Petty. “She and her husband built a new studio for their architecture and photography business and had a beautiful island crafted by the team at Sangamon Reclaimed,” said Jane Ann who also owns Free Press Coffee House in Pittsfield and the William Watson Hotel in Pittsfield, Illinois. 

“I chose the live edge design because when Brian showed me the piece he explained how beautiful it would be.” 

The table takes center stage at the coffee house. The caramel, coffee, and chocolate tones of the smooth top and steel legs contrast the industrial concrete floor and surrounding interior, which includes stained glass windows, floral wallpaper, and white marble countertop. 

“I wanted something that would be a bit more organic: when you walk in and see the table it really warms the space.” 

We pride ourselves on our customer service and enjoy getting to know our clients, which include taking the time to explain the full range of products on offer and show them around our workshop. 

“The guys took me into the workshop to look at other pieces and we talked about different legs; walking me through every option. They made sure we had something that matched with the rest of the space. They are just great.

“I love the fact that Sangamon Reclaimed is locally owned and operated. I also love the fact Brian and his team support veterans and first responders through Flags for Heroes.

“Some people may assume it’s going to be very expensive to purchase items at Sangamon Reclaimed, but if you compare the cost of furniture in a regular store it is very reasonable. This is a piece of furniture you are going to buy once and keep forever. At Sangamon Reclaimed they stand behind what they do.”

Sangamon Reclaimed featured on the DIY Network

If you haven’t already caught us on the DIY Network’s 'Building Off the Grid' show don’t worry because there’s plenty of opportunity in the coming weeks. 

It features a local project in rural Sangamon County. Our team of craftsmen helped build a tiny home off the grid, along with our friends at JC Custom Woodwork. 

Here’s the programming schedule: 

Illinois Environmental Council reclaimed wood tables reflect values of the organization

We loved working with the Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) to furnish its new downtown office in Springfield, Illinois.

Director, Jen Walling, and her team are transforming the IEC’s new home at 520 E. Capitol Ave. into an environmental community center. 

Our tables were handcrafted using 2x12 antique heart pine floor joists salvaged from the Colfax Hardware Store circa 1893 (Colfax, IL). 

“The Illinois Environmental Council bought its first building in Springfield after 45 years of renting in the community. This opportunity was so special for us and we wanted furniture that matched our values of sustainability. We were so excited to find Sangamon Reclaimed. Sangamon Reclaimed came into the building and proposed tables for our common area made out of reclaimed wood that fit into our budget. The tables are gorgeous and functional and are the exact centerpiece that we needed to celebrate the space and our commitment to sustainability,” said Jennifer. 

Sangamon Reclaimed Will be at the Home Builders Expo 2019

We are excited for this year’s Home Expo at the Bank of Springfield Center next month. If you’re working on a project, or want a beautifully handcrafted piece of reclaimed barn wood furniture for your home, make sure you stop by our booth. 

Doors open on Friday, February 22 at 2pm and tickets are $6 at the door. Children under 12 are free. On Friday seniors receive $1 off admission. On Saturday firefighters, police, and military receive $1 off admission. On Sunday educators receive $1 off admission.

Designer Spotlight -Paula Ryan

What are the trends going to be in 2019?  

I think the farmhouse look is still quite popular, but with a cleaner look to it, less gray and more white and black finishes.  

What’s the most enjoyable aspect of your profession?  

I love meeting and working with different people; learning their stories; what makes them tick and then try to incorporate that into their house. I also love the finished product; seeing a remodel or new home complete and looking back on the before photos still astounds me sometimes. 

Where do you like to use reclaimed wood in a home or commercial space? 

I love using natural elements in a home to warm up a space. My favorite is live edged anything!   

What was your favorite project in 2018?  

We remodeled a home that once belonged to a very dear childhood friend of mine. The family had to move their mom to Chicago and they had no family in town, so I helped them figure out what to do with all of her "stuff" Then I helped find the new buyer, who was a daughter of a family friend of ours. After that I completely renovated and updated the home for this young family. It was so fun to see this old home that I had spent a lot of time as a child transform and now this young family will enjoy it for many years to come. 

What is your favorite public building in Springfield?

The restored Governor's Mansion; I've been on the tour twice already. The molding and attention to detail is amazing. 

You can find Paula Ryan Designs and Ryan Homes and Development at 3149 Hedley Rd, Springfield, Illinois 62704 and she can be contacted at (217) 341-4501. 


The Lane Project -Reclaimed Wood in Kitchen

We absolutely loved working on the Lane project, which resulted in one of the most beautiful kitchen remodels we’ve seen.

Lars and Jake handcrafted four floating shelves and built a stunning island top from the wood we reclaimed at the Colfax Hardware Store at 116 E. Main Colfax, Illinois. 

We’ve had the pleasure of working on so many projects incorporating the Colfax Hardware Store, which in2017 due to deterioration was slated for demolition, but not before we were able to preserve nearly 8,000-board ft. of lumber for reuse today. We’re extremely proud to preserve for future generations a thriving business that served the hardworking farmers of McLean & Livingston County, Illinois for more than a century. You can find more on the history of Colfax Hardware Store here.

Thank you to the Lane family for providing these amazing photos.


The Redpath Project -Custom Live Edge Epoxy Table

This stunning live edge cherry sofa table turned out beyond our expectations. Handcrafted by Eric, Zack and Lars the live edge piece also includes an epoxy fill. 

Our skilled craftsmen first built a frame for the table to sit in, mixed the epoxy, poured in small amounts, and in between each pour used a blow torch to ensure no bubbles of air were trapped. 

Once the epoxy cured the table was they sanded down and sprayed with our table finish spray.

We know Chuck will enjoy the addition to his remodeled ‘man cave.’ We also finished the H steal base in oil rubbed bronze to match the color of the chairs in the basement. 

Reclaimed wood paneling

We are excited to launch a new product for commercial and residential use with a range of applications from accent walls to decorative ceilings and cabinet cladding to so much more. 


Our reclaimed wood paneling comes in three finishes: 

Weathered Gray, Original Brown, and White Washed 

Reclaimed wood paneling available at Sangamon Reclaimed

Reclaimed wood paneling available at Sangamon Reclaimed

 The beauty behind our reclaimed wood paneling is that you get the saw markings; nail holes, and other signs of wearing, but the quality of the material is second to none because each piece has been hand selected by experienced craftsmen and planed, straight lined, and trimmed. The reclaimed wood paneling has also been heat treated at 140 degrees and kiln dried to 6 to 8% moisture. For more information speak to one of our experienced craftsman.

Winter Lumber-Land


Join us on Saturday December 15th for Winter Lumber-Land. This event will be hosted at Sangamon Reclaimed and feature demonstrations, locally made furniture and home decor, local beverages, not to mention Santa and hot chocolate for the kids.

Our demonstrations this month will be “How to install a barn beam mantel.” Eric will walk you through the step-by-step process of hanging your own mantel and take you through our process of handcrafting these from century old reclaimed barn beams. Mantels will be available in the showroom at 20% off for this event.

If you’ve not had a chance to visit with Santa yet this season, he’ll be stopping by at 1315 Ottis Street between from 10:00 am to noon for photos at no charge.

We’re excited to celebrate the holidays with our customers, family, and friends so hope that you’ll have a chance to stop by and join us.

Sangamon Reclaimed handcrafted barn wood tables to feature at Illinois Environmental Council new offices near State Capitol in Springfield

We are excited to be working with the Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) to furnish its new downtown office building in Springfield, Illinois.

We look forward to seeing IEC executive director, Jen Walling, and her team transform the IEC’s new home at 520 E. Capitol Ave. into space that will become an environmental community center for Springfield.


Our tables will serve as collaboration tables and are handcrafted by our team using 2x12 antique heart pine floor joists salvaged from the Colfax Hardware Store circa 1893 (Colfax, IL). IEC will also display information about this structure to help us pass on the history of these pieces to future generations.

The IEC, a coalition of 80 organizations, was founded in 1975 and serves as the environmental community’s eyes, ears, and voice in Springfield.

Protecting Illinois schoolchildren from exposure to lead in drinking water, reducing health risks and environmental impacts of pesticides and funding open space acquisition are just some of the accomplishments of the IEC to date.  

Read more here. []

Movember at Sangamon Reclaimed

If you’ve stopped by the shop this month you might have noticed that we’re looking rather scruffy and maybe a little un-kept in the facial hair department, especially Lars, our lead woodworker, but he had an early start. I’m pleased to say it’s for a good cause.

Movember is an annual global campaign, which involves the growing of mustaches by men during the month of November. By growing these substandard mustaches and beards people are going to ask why. The why is to raise awareness for men's health; originally it was just to raise awareness for cancers specific to men i.e. testicular and prostate cancer. But it now includes men’s mental health and suicide prevention.

To me, this campaign means a lot because my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer at a young age and even though he's undergone surgery and radiation, he is still dealing with the effects of the treatments on his body. Being that prostate cancer is hereditary and also extremely more common in firefighters I will take this more seriously to be tested and checked than those not affected.

The other half of this topic for Movember is mental and physical health. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide each day, as do sixty males nationwide. Being a Veteran and a Firefighter, I have seen the negative side effects of both of these jobs and I have struggled with some of the calls I have responded to personally.

Talking with someone and finding constructive ways to deal with that stress goes a long way in improving your overall physical and mental health.

Lastly exercising can release natural endorphins and reduce stress. healthy and better versions of ourselves is important for our self-care but also for our loved ones.. So I'm committing to not only grow out this filthy stash but by partaking in the 60-mile challenge and I will be running sixty miles in the month of November to raise awareness for men's health and for Movember.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention, and crisis for you and your loved ones. The website is and the number is 1-8000-273-8255.

Illinois Made Holiday Gift Guide

We are honored to be included in this year’s Illinois Made Holiday Gift Guide, which includes craft beer and spirits, artisan chocolate, locally roasted coffee, handmade art, and our American flags, which supports our Flags for Heroes initiative.

Our friends at Danenberger Family Vineyard are also among the 15 of which provide gift ideas for all interests. Our top five have to be:

FEW Spirits in Evanston, which produces award-winning gin and whiskey made with the highest quality corn, wheat and rye.  

Mississippi Mud Pottery in Alton, which offers an array of decorative and functional pottery options. Each piece of Mississippi Mud Pottery is handcrafted from natural clay.

Danenberger Family Vineyard right here in Springfield, where you can pick from a variety of dry handmade red to dessert wine.

Whiskey City Design in Peoria, which specializes in salvaging and preserving materials found from structures throughout Illinois and turning them into handcrafted pieces.

Dinger Bats in Ridgway, which makes baseball bats used by players on Major League Baseball teams including the St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets and, the Chicago Cubs.

And a bonus one:

Sangamon Reclaimed, of course! We offer stunning handcrafted furniture and flags, which are built using wood reclaimed from 100-year-old barns and buildings in midwest America. Our skilled carpenters include firefighters and veterans.