Texas Project -Furniture & Architectural Pieces for New Office

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In October, woodworkers TJ and Zack made the 917-mile drive to Austin, Texas to deliver a trailer loaded with furniture and architectural pieces to our client’s offices new site in Texas. 

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Among the many items was a 40inch by 10ft conference table handcrafted from word reclaimed at the Colfax Hardware Store in Colfax, Illinois. The delivery also included nine cabinets, with the cabinet boxes constructed by JC Custom Woodworking, and the cabinet doors handcrafted by our guys at Sangamon Reclaimed. JC Custom Woodworking also engraved two 9ft by 4ft front doors for the project.  

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The 19th-century building that is now home to our client in Austin, Texas has 16 beams, each 13ft, and a further 12, at 12ft, all 12 inches wide and now wrapped in materials reclaimed in, and around, Illinois. 

Our team worked on the project for three weeks and the most complex aspect of the order was the build of 35 panels. Each panel was handcrafted from reclaimed wood (from a building in Chicago), more than 100 years old, bent, twisted, settled and in need of serious attention. The panels were each 3 inches wide cut from pieces anywhere from four to 48 inches wide. Some of the panels are made of 150 pieces. We also delivered 2,500lbs of steel to hang alongside the panels. 

TJ has been a member of our team since 2016 and at 22 years old our youngest. If you’ve purchased one of our Flags for Heroes TJ will have built it for you. Zack, 30, joined us in May last year is our Director of Sales and primarily works on our popular live edge pieces. You can see our live edge tables in local Springfield businesses, such as Free Press Coffee on the MacArthur Boulevard corridor. 

Designer Spotlight -Mallory O’Brien, Project Manager at Resource One

What’s the most enjoyable aspect of your profession/industry?

I love helping people and solving problems. I think that design is this perfect marriage of aesthetics and math and you have to love both in order to design well.


In your opinion what are the trends going to be in 2019 - or what trends are you already seeing? 

In commercial design, we’re seeing a lot of “resi-mmercial” design, meaning residential making its way into commercial spaces. We’re seeing a lot of influence from what makes a home comforting and translating that into commercial spaces, whether it’s a lobby, an office, or break room. The new office is looking to hire and retain talent and those looking for jobs, in Springfield, Chicago, or anywhere, want to make sure that a place where they spend most of their time, will be a comfortable environment.


Where do you like to use reclaimed wood in a home or commercial space? And why? 

I’ve used Sangamon Reclaimed in a variety of spaces, most recently my mother-in-law’s bathroom for just some simple shelving. I’ve also collaborated with them on a 12’L table for a break room. I think whether it’s a small space or a large one, having something unique and custom really makes a space interesting and they’ve always helped me achieve that.


You worked with SR to deliver a table for Dot Foods - why was buying locally so important in this case? 

This is a great story! One of my favorite clients, Dot Foods, wanted a custom table for their break room, but not just any table. So I reached out to Sangamon Reclaimed and they found some reclaimed wood from a schoolhouse in Brown County. Dot Foods is in Mt. Sterling, IL, and most of their employees are from that area. Having something locally made and sourced for their employees was just a lovely way to bring in their community into the space.


Favorite public building in Springfield?

I’d have to say the Dana Thomas House, and not just in Springfield, but probably of all of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. He was a visionary and I love that building and what it means to have one of Wright’s greatest works just down the street!


What impact do you think Sangamon Reclaimed has made on the furniture business in Springfield - and has it been an asset to the industry locally? 

I’ve known Brian since high school and to see the impact he’s made on this community is just beautiful. I love how he’s decided to make his passion project work for our community and to see how they’ve grown in such a short amount of time. They’ve really invested in people and creativity there and I think it shows how innovative they are.


What’s the most important question a person should ask before purchasing a piece of furniture? 

“What’s the investment I’m putting into this?” With the Amazon and Staples era of furniture ordering, we see some of our clients making fast, cheap choices on furniture for speed of delivery. Unfortunately, that means you’ll see that piece not only deteriorate quickly, but that it could be made with harmful chemicals that can have a lasting effect. Furniture can take time and money, but by doing more research, I think clients can educate themselves on what they’re getting, not just how quickly they’re getting it.


Favorite project in 2018? 

Now that I’m a project manager, I help manage projects from beginning to end. That includes Dot Foods, where we are renovating their existing building. It’s one of my favorite projects because of how they treat their employees and in one large aspect, that’s the space where they spend their time.

Mallory O’Brien, Project Manager at Resource One

Phone 217-753-5742



The Gallery of Springfield

"Brian at Sangamon Reclaimed was so easy to work with! He understood our needs for creating the perfect new reception desk & easels/stations. The craftsmanship is amazing!!” 

-Vicki Korte, co-owner, The Gallery of Springfield 

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Free Press Coffee House, MacArthur Blvd. live edge table

A year on, our live edge bar height table at Free Press Coffee House on MacArthur Blvd. in Springfield is looking as good as the day it was delivered. 

The owner, Jane Ann Petty, discovered us after we worked with her sister-in-law Sarah Petty. “She and her husband built a new studio for their architecture and photography business and had a beautiful island crafted by the team at Sangamon Reclaimed,” said Jane Ann who also owns Free Press Coffee House in Pittsfield and the William Watson Hotel in Pittsfield, Illinois. 

“I chose the live edge design because when Brian showed me the piece he explained how beautiful it would be.” 

The table takes center stage at the coffee house. The caramel, coffee, and chocolate tones of the smooth top and steel legs contrast the industrial concrete floor and surrounding interior, which includes stained glass windows, floral wallpaper, and white marble countertop. 

“I wanted something that would be a bit more organic: when you walk in and see the table it really warms the space.” 

We pride ourselves on our customer service and enjoy getting to know our clients, which include taking the time to explain the full range of products on offer and show them around our workshop. 

“The guys took me into the workshop to look at other pieces and we talked about different legs; walking me through every option. They made sure we had something that matched with the rest of the space. They are just great.

“I love the fact that Sangamon Reclaimed is locally owned and operated. I also love the fact Brian and his team support veterans and first responders through Flags for Heroes.

“Some people may assume it’s going to be very expensive to purchase items at Sangamon Reclaimed, but if you compare the cost of furniture in a regular store it is very reasonable. This is a piece of furniture you are going to buy once and keep forever. At Sangamon Reclaimed they stand behind what they do.”

Sangamon Reclaimed Will be at the Home Builders Expo 2019

We are excited for this year’s Home Expo at the Bank of Springfield Center next month. If you’re working on a project, or want a beautifully handcrafted piece of reclaimed barn wood furniture for your home, make sure you stop by our booth. 

Doors open on Friday, February 22 at 2pm and tickets are $6 at the door. Children under 12 are free. On Friday seniors receive $1 off admission. On Saturday firefighters, police, and military receive $1 off admission. On Sunday educators receive $1 off admission.

Designer Spotlight -Paula Ryan

What are the trends going to be in 2019?  

I think the farmhouse look is still quite popular, but with a cleaner look to it, less gray and more white and black finishes.  

What’s the most enjoyable aspect of your profession?  

I love meeting and working with different people; learning their stories; what makes them tick and then try to incorporate that into their house. I also love the finished product; seeing a remodel or new home complete and looking back on the before photos still astounds me sometimes. 

Where do you like to use reclaimed wood in a home or commercial space? 

I love using natural elements in a home to warm up a space. My favorite is live edged anything!   

What was your favorite project in 2018?  

We remodeled a home that once belonged to a very dear childhood friend of mine. The family had to move their mom to Chicago and they had no family in town, so I helped them figure out what to do with all of her "stuff" Then I helped find the new buyer, who was a daughter of a family friend of ours. After that I completely renovated and updated the home for this young family. It was so fun to see this old home that I had spent a lot of time as a child transform and now this young family will enjoy it for many years to come. 

What is your favorite public building in Springfield?

The restored Governor's Mansion; I've been on the tour twice already. The molding and attention to detail is amazing. 

You can find Paula Ryan Designs and Ryan Homes and Development at 3149 Hedley Rd, Springfield, Illinois 62704 and she can be contacted at (217) 341-4501. 


Sangamon Reclaimed handcrafts reception desk for Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau tourist welcome center located at Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices

It is our mission to preserve history for future generations by creating beautifully handcrafted heirloom quality furniture, so it was an honor to design and build a piece for the new Springfield Convention and Visitors Bureau tourist welcome center housed at the Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices using reclaimed oak from the Herndon family barn. 

The stair treads of the Herndon barn, constructed in 1873, are a key feature in the design of the reception desk. The barn was built by Archer Herndon, whose brother William Herndon was Abraham Lincoln’s law partner. The remainder of the desk was constructed from Rock Creek barn, which was built in 1865 near New Salem. The oak that was harvested for the construction of the Rock Creek barn is native to the Sangamon River Valley. 

We were provided the freedom to create a reception desk of our own design our only criteria was that it fit the space on the first floor of the building, which sits on the southeast corner of the Old Capitol Plaza in downtown Springfield, Illinois. The building that houses the Lincoln-Herndon Law Offices is known by its affiliation with a dry goods store owned by Seth M. Tinsley who rented the rooms on the third floor to Abraham Lincoln and William Herndon from 1843 to 1852. Brian, Lars, Jake, Zack, TJ, and Eric all worked on it in different stages in the design and construction of the reception desk, which is not only one the heaviest pieces we have ever created at Sangamon Reclaimed but also took more than 150 man hours to complete. 

We are so proud to be a part of this project. We hope that visitors to Springfield and residents alike will not only enjoy the craftsmanship behind this piece of furniture but also appreciate the significant historic value it holds.